Camphill California Website Rebuild

Camphill California Website Rebuild Camphill Communities California is a wonderful residential community for adults with special needs on the central coast in California. Their old website was quickly becoming outdated and cluttered, and it was time to start over.  We focused the site around three main groups of visitors: supporters, volunteers / students (Camphill CA … Read more

GreyMatters Neurofeedback Website Build

GreyMatters Neurofeedback Website Build GreyMatters Neurofeedback is a treatment center in Lakewood, CO focusing on creating and strengthening brain connections via cutting-edge neurofeedback technology. Shari Johansson and her team do incredible work helping folks heal from brain injuries and more. The original GreyMatters website was a one-pager that wasn’t performing well in Google searches, and … Read more

Camphill Academy Research Project

Camphill Research Network Database Site The Camphill Research Network is a collective effort by the Camphill Academy and folks involved with the Camphill Movement from around the world. The goal of the site is to host articles and other research on community living.  As such, there was a need to organize and display hundreds of … Read more

Mark Dorn Counseling Website Build

Mark Dorn Counseling Website Build Mark Dorn is a long-time counselor in the Denver-metro area who offers “Compassionate Soul Care and Counseling”. Mark’s practice focuses on soul-care and the inner life, and his website project needed to portray the personable, welcoming and safe atmosphere that he brings to his counseling practice. In terms of branding, … Read more

Kyle Vamvakas Photography is where I showcase my hobby photography. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest, there are amazing scenes to capture. Design Decisions The wordmark logo is arranged to evoke the idea of a camera sitting atop a tripod of sorts. I love the way that the sharp, angular letters interact with one another. The unique … Read more