Denver Family Institute Website Rebuild

Denver Family Institute is a nonprofit counseling center in Denver with two main objectives: the first is to provide low-cost counseling services to individuals and families, and the second is to run a world-class MFT (marriage and family therapy) training center. Their old website was outdated, unattractive visually (“too sterile/clinical” was a common phrase used by their team), confusing to navigate and struggled to clearly communicate what DFI was all about and what they had to offer. 

  • First, we cleaned up the navigation to highlight the most important areas for site visitors – receiving counseling, joining the MFT program and donating/supporting DFI.
  • Second, we completely reimagined their MFT program pages, to get a look that is consistent with other post-secondary education providers.
  • Third, we focused on including beautiful, attention-grabbing visuals throughout the site. 
  • Fourth, we implemented a Webinar series with online purchasing and more.
  • Finally, we revamped the bright blue and orange color scheme to add more muted blues and reds.

The results? A beautiful, high-functioning website that appeals to site visitors and points them towards the right information and links. 

Go check out the great things that DFI is up to on their brand new website!