Five Keys to a Great Website

Chances are, you’re losing customers due to the layout, structure and design of your website. It’s unfortunate, but true: website visitors decide almost instantly whether they will stick around and do business with you, or move on to the next company who popped up on their Google search.

Here are five keys to improving your website and keeping your site visitors on track:

  • Make it clear who you are and what you can offer to your audience
    You want your website visitors to know that it’s you right away. Your logo needs to be prominent and the colors and branding need to be consistent so they recognize that it’s you. You also need to be clear about what you have to offer in big, bold, easy-to-understand text.
  • Make an actionable offer “above the fold”
    “Above the fold” means the section of the screen that a website visitor sees without having to scroll down the page. This is incredibly valuable real estate and you want to include valuable information here: make it clear who you are and include an actionable offer (think “Buy Now” or “Sign Up Today”). Which leads us to key #3…
  • Include obvious, direct “calls to action”
    On a website, most “calls to actions” show up in the form of buttons. Buttons are your friend when they are used strategically. The color of your buttons matter, the placement and frequency matters and the words you use within the buttons matter.
  • Utilize captivating imagery
    The human brain processes visual imagery 60,000 times faster than text. Clear, crisp images that convey the right message serve as a “hook” for your website visitors. There are even a few free image repositories like Unsplash and Pexels, so there’s no excuse for poor imagery on your website!
  • Clean up your site navigation
    Finally, clean up your site navigation as much as possible. Take out unnecessary pages and links, “nest” pages under clear headings, move some pages to the site footer. If your visitors are distracted or confused, they’ll leave your site. I believe that the site navigation is foundational to a successful website.

Following these five keys will lead to a vast improvement to your website’s performance with visitors and clients. If you need a hand with any of them, reach out today!

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