Glenora Farm Website Build and More

Glenora Farm is a residential community for adults with special needs on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. It was high time for a website redesign and a brand refresh. The design directives were: to stay true to the roots of Glenora Farm and Camphill while modernizing the brand and the experience of the website.

Brand Refresh
Glenora Farm is a Camphill Community, which has roots going back almost 80 years. To honor that story, we worked together to keep elements of the history intact, while aiming for a fresh new look. 

Colors – We chose two new, more nuanced shades of blue to replace the bright blue that dominated Glenora Farm’s brand, as well as a comforting, earthy red to use for emphasis. 

Typography – Camphill Communities around the world (there are 100+, wow!) use Waldorf-inspired fonts, but Glenora Farm wanted something cleaner and more modern. We settled on Lithos Pro, which has echos of the Camphill/Waldorf style, while staying relevant and somewhat timeless.  

New design with clean typography, no fading and updated colors.
Old design.

Focus on Community Members
It was evident that we should focus on the heart and soul of Glenora Farm in their redesign: the people, as there are nearly 40 folks who live there and work together. While their old site was heavy on text and had very few images, the new one emphasizes heartwarming, playful, engaging photos of the residents, as well as the beautiful scenery.

Purposeful Navigation
But before any of the visual pieces came together, the very first step in the process was to simplify and clean up the navigation of the site to direct the right visitors to the right places. In this case, Glenora Farm wanted to hone in on three groups of people: volunteers, prospective residents and “friends of the farm”, so we built the site map around those visitors. The result? A focused, easy-to-navigate website catered to the audience of Glenora Farm.  

Marketing Materials and Quarterly Newsletter
Glenora Farm and I have partnered to produce a quarterly newsletter highlighting events, happenings and stories from the farm. They also wanted to update their printed materials too. We took some great photos of their community members and created some spiffy new brochures and business cards. 

Does your non-profit want to get a message out to the public? Contact me today to learn about my graphic design services!

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